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faster speed

This brings me the idea of

Controling the modular weight on the right position to create resistance for a faster speed.

speed hack1.006.png
speed hack.006.png

Resistance on heel counter

Extra heel protection but unstable

speed hack1.004.png
speed hack.004.png

Resistance on forefoot

great training but potential physical damage

speed hack1.003.png
speed hack.003.png

Resistance on Out Sole

Inspired from difficulty of wearing high heel

speed hack1.005.png
speed hack.005.png

Resistance in Mid Sole

Resistance without changing the design

speed hack1.002.png
speed hack.002.png

Resistance in Mid Foot

Too much weight will damage foot

speed hack1.001.png
speed hack.001.png

Resistance to Light

Ligt weight bring extra assist for the speed

speed hack.007.jpeg
speed hack.008.jpeg
speed hackh.jpg
speed hackl.jpg
unnamed (6).jpg


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