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In 1995, A Chinese Northeaster was  born in Shenyang. The city is full of art and precious memories.

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Art is my life

Drawing has always been my hobby. I have studied fine art for 10 years, and I like the process of making art with pencil and paper.


This is one of the art binders that I am proud of. It brings too many memories and happiness


The City of History

The City of Industry

In 2011, I take off from Beijing to United States. I start one of the most important charpter of my life. Since then, It has been 10 years. I have experienced so many...


Life in VCS

Life in VCS taught me how to be more confidence with what I have and be proud of it. My instructor Mrs. MacIntosh lead me the way of doing art and design. Since then, I start my life of design.

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